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Breathe easier with better air quality

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Breathe easier with better air quality

People with allergies and asthma know the importance of avoiding things that trigger your symptoms. But what if one of those triggers is your home environment? Choosing the right heat pump can remove common allergens and purify the air.

How it works

The magic is in the cleverly designed air filters and temperature controls that remove airborne allergens such as pollen, fine dust particles and dust mites, as well as reducing humidity that causes mould. These filters are effective at trapping most microscopic airborne particles and absorbing and deodorising household smells and pet odours. Resulting in improved air quality and leaving your home feeling fresh and clean. 

Regulating the temperature of your home 

Reducing humidity in your home will combat mould, a common allergen for people with respiratory conditions. A heat pump enables you to regulate your air temperature all year round and generate good air flow around your home. Giving you cleaner air to breathe and keeping mould growth at bay. 

How do you know which products are allergy and asthma friendly?

Identifying which products are ideal for asthma and allergy suffers is easy with the Sensitive Choice blue butterfly badge.  The blue butterfly is a badge given to products that have been independently tested and approved by the Sensitive Choice New Zealand Programme. The badge shows allergy and asthma suffers that these products could be beneficial and enable them to live better with reduced allergen triggers.

There are three main heat pump brands in New Zealand with the Sensitive Choice approval – Fujitsu, Daikin and Panasonic. Here at Degree we are proud to supply and install these three brands.

Learn more about the steps these brands have taken to create healthier homes here:

Discover more products with the Sensitive Choice seal of approval

We are the heat pump and air conditioning experts in Wellington, and we will give you advice on which solution best suits your needs.

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Heat pumps as air conditioners

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Heat pump vs air conditioning – how to choose?

Are you trying to decide between a heat pump or air conditioning unit? We’ve got an easy answer for you - all you need is a heat pump.

Don’t be fooled by the name ‘heat pump’, these are the same units that our friends over the Tasman refer to as ‘air conditioners’. It’s because in Australia they are more concerned about the cooling functionality whereas us Kiwis are more focused on the heating functionality. 

If you take a look at the remote for a heat pump you will see three buttons – heat, cool and dry. This is because your heat pump can do all three things. It means that you only need the one unit to keep your home at the ideal temperature all year round.

Keeping cool and fresh

Having an efficient way to keep cool during the summer is essential for feeling your best. It’s important to keep home and work environments cool with plenty of air circulating, leading to improved energy levels and productivity.

Cooling your home in the evening will reduce that hot sticky feeling you get when your home is too hot at night. By using the ‘cool’ function you will take the humidity out of the air and leave your home feeling fresh and cool, making it easier to sleep. 

Staying cosy and warm

Here in Wellington the summer likes to throw us the occasional cold day and it’s easy to change your heat pump to warm mode. It’s as simple as pushing the ‘heat’ button and setting the temperature to how you like it. 

Just as the heat impacts how we feel so does the cold. A heat pump keeps your home and work environment cosy and warm which is vital for good health during the cooler months. 

Using the dry mode

Planning to clean your carpets this weekend? We’ve got a tip for how to dry your carpets faster…simply use the ‘dry’ mode on your heat pump. This will draw the moisture out of the carpets. It’s also handy for drying out spills or use after you’ve cleaned your sofa or soft furnishings. 

A heat pump is the way to go for cooling, heating and removing moisture

It’s this multi-functionality combined with energy efficiency that makes heat pumps the popular choice for Kiwi’s. We love being able to use one tool for several uses and save in the process. Heat pumps are an energy efficient way to heat and cool your home or office.

With several options and styles of heat pumps to choose from it’s important to get expert advice on what will best suit your home or commercial premise. 

We’ve been selling, installing and servicing heat pumps in Wellington for over 15 years and know what will best work for you.

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Automating a new home with Ata Touch

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Automating a new home with Ata Touch

For a person who loves technology and gadgets, having a house that is cleverly managed with smart home automation makes total sense. It’s future proofing your home and enables you to customise your settings to best suit your lifestyle and save on your power bills.

This system is good for tech minded people, but also good for people like me who want something that is simple to use and looks good.

says Donna.Home owner

The client who loves all things “techy”

We recently installed the Ata Touch Ultimate system for our clients Paul and Donna in Upper Hutt. One chat about the clever Ata Touch lights turned into a conversation about the system as a whole and that got Paul hooked on the idea. So much so that he purchased a section to build a new home a few days later. Whilst the Ata Touch system can be put into existing homes, Paul and Donna liked the idea of starting from scratch to maximise the functionality.

Changing perceptions about water heating

As the design for the home developed, so did Paul and Donna’s understanding of what they could automate with Ata Touch and reduce their energy consumption. They originally had gas hot water heating in mind. However, this changed when they learnt that the hot water cylinder could be heated with the same heat pump that heats the home, working with the Ata Touch automation to enable the water in the cylinder to be heated on a schedule. This means that it was not continuously re-heating during the day when no-one is home. It’s simply a more efficient use of power.

“The fact that we save from not having monthly gas line bills also appealed to us. The cylinder heats up quickly, so we are never short on hot water. It’s a fantastic solution” said Donna.

Customised climate control

The ability to zone control is a real crowd pleaser and got the big thumbs up in this household. With touch switches installed in each bedroom, every family member can set the temperature in their own room for ultimate comfort.

All the bells and whistles

Paul and Donna’s home now features almost every function the Ata Touch system covers, from the indoor and outdoor lighting, heating and water, through to automated blinds, security system, towel rails and timers. All of which can be controlled by the app on their phone, as well as the touch switches around the house and the main control panel. At a touch of a button they can shut the entire home down when heading out or going to bed.

“Another benefit is that we don’t need a separate security alarm system. The touch switches in each room have a sensor that has been programmed to the alarm when we’re not at home”.

Happy customers

This home is a great example of customers who have fully embraced all that Ata Touch offers.

“It’s future-proofing how we live, and it really makes sense to integrate everything so your home is working more efficiently and using less energy. We are saving on our power bills already”

says Paul.

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