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Service advice

If your heat pump is more than one or two years old, it’s now time for a service!

All too frequently, the maintenance of heat pumps and refrigeration equipment is neglected which can often result in inefficient heat pump performance and possibly costly repairs.

At Degree, we tailor preventative service contracts to suit individual customer’s needs. Degree service all major heat pump brands including Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba and Panasonic.

Having your heat pump professionally serviced gives peace of mind and assurance that your system is running at full efficiency. That is why Degree offers a comprehensive 12 Point Service Check.

Heat pump service

Degree recommends all systems are serviced every year to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Our 12 point check list
  • Check and clean air filters (replace if required for a small fee)
  • Clean and disinfect heat exchangers inside and out to eliminate bacteria
  • Check the electrical circuit and connections
  • Replace remote batteries
  • Check the system’s general operations
  • Check for abnormal noise/vibrations and obstructions
  • Check air on/off temperature readings
  • Check for visual refrigerant leaks
  • Check drain pipe or condensate pump operation (if fitted)
  • Check system diagnostics
  • Check for signs of rust or corrosion
  • Clean all unit covers, indoor and out
Cleaning advice

Cleaning your filter

To ensure optimum performance, it is essential that the large filters in the front of the heat pump (or air return filter on a ducted system) are cleaned on a regular basis – at least every 6 weeks.

Always turn the heat pump off before cleaning the filters.

Take the filters out and wash them under a running tap. Dry the filters by pressing them between two dry towels before replacing the filters in the unit.

If you are having difficulty cleaning the filters in your system, Degree can provide a no-hassle regular filter cleaning service.

Please phone our office on (04) 5700 295 for pricing and schedule information.

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