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How to get the most out of your heat pump

By September 30, 2021Blog

How to get the most out of your heat pump

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient and economical way to heat your home, and there are ways to maximise the benefits of this style of heating. If you’re keen to save on your power bills and stay cosy in the process - read on!

    1. Regularly clean the filters

      The indoor units have filters that catch dust, dirt and other particles. If the filters get blocked your heat pump will have to work harder to circulate the air, causing it to use more energy than normal.

    2. Annual maintenance

      Getting your heat pump serviced once a year will keep your unit running efficiently. During a maintenance visit our technicians check and clean filters, assess all connections to make sure there are no blockages or corrosion, and ensure the unit is operating smoothly. It also means that any issues are detected early, helping you to avoid costly repair bills.

    3. Insulate your home

      Eliminate heat from escaping through your walls, floor, and roof by insulating these areas to trap in the warmth, and seal window and door gaps. We also recommend closing curtains in the evening and doors to rooms you don’t need to heat.

    4. Set the timer

      Use your heat pump smarter by setting the timer to power up when you need it to. Instead of leaving your heat pump cranking all day, set the timer to warm up before you wake up in the morning or when you are due home from work.

      You can do this from your remote, or you can ask us about heat pumps that come with clever apps or devices that enable you to control your heat pump on the go.

    5. Keep it at a comfortable temperature

      Avoid cranking up your heat pump in bursts to quickly heat up a room. This will only makes your heat pump work harder and uses up more energy. Instead, set it at your ideal temperature and allow the heat pump to keep the room at a consistent level. The recommended temperature for a healthy home is between 18-22 degrees.

    6. Have the right unit for your space

      The size and placement of the heat pump are also key for optimal energy efficiency and savings. If your unit is too small for the space, it will be working overtime to keep the room at the right temperature which uses more energy and will be costing you more in power.


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