Heat pump options

Types of heat pump

Heat Pump Introduction – Split Systems

Nearly all heat pumps are split systems – that means they have an outdoor unit – which contains the compressor, and a discreet indoor unit that contains the fan that circulates the warm air (or cool air in the summer).

These units are designed to be discreet both in appearance and operation. The outdoor unit contains the compressor, which is the busy part. The indoor unit simply has a fan to circulate the warm or cold air as required. The indoor environment is then quieter, with the equipment arranged like this. Choose the indoor type and model that suits you best.

Hi-Wall Splits

The most popular models. These slim, elegant and whisper quiet indoor units can be mounted unobtrusively on a wall. They all offer advanced technology, including wi-fi, remote control, reverse cycle, sleep and digital timer, and moisture removal, and some offer additional features - check the brochures on this site to choose the features that you want.

The Fujitsu high Wall range comprises:

  • NEW e3 Series – for new levels of efficiency and features
  • Compact Hi-Wall Premier – for whisper quiet comfort
  • Hi-Wall Premier – powerful performance, but are also super energy efficient
  • Hi-Wall Premier Plus – a slim, very compact “designer” heat pump fits any interior, and has many clever features

Floor Standing

Floor standing these units look like a conventional gas or night storage heater. They are lightweight and ultra slim, and offer a full range of capacities, offering quiet, but powerful operation. Check Fujitsu’s exclusive new Compact Floor Console.

Fujitsu Introduces the Sleep Pump

The Fujitsu Sleep Pump is a reasonably priced ducted heat pump air conditioning system that will cool your bedrooms (up to 3) and dehumidify them too. It is invisible (apart from the discreet grill in the ceiling) and importantly – is so quiet you will hardly be aware it is on – except the bedrooms will be cool and comfortable. Say goodbye to those hot sticky nights!

Now everyone can get a great nights sleep.

Plus it is reverse cycle – so will keep you as warm as toast in winter.

  • Virtually silent.
  • Very energy efficient.
  • Cools to your desired temperature.
  • Reduces humidity, for perfect comfort.
  • No need for open windows: keep out insects and burglars!
  • Includes wall controller – with 7 day timer, so you can just set and forget.

The Sleep Pump - when it is important to get a good nights sleep

Compact cassettes

The most discreet option, with only the grill showing in the ceiling. They provide heating and cooling in a range of capacities. Latest fan technology distributes conditioned air through 2, 3 or 4 sides, with adjustable directional flaps.
The Fujitsu compact cassette is unobtrusive, yet efficient and very effective.

Features include 2, 3 or 4 way air distribution, brilliant airflow to reach the whole room, built-in timers, remote control and optional wired (wall) controllers.

Ducted systems

A layer split system that heats (or cools in Summer) your whole home. The compressor unit can be stores outside, or in your roof space.
The warm (or cool) air is distributed via insulated ducting connected to ceiling or floor units.
Ducting is the ultimate invisible solutions for year round comfort, which adds luxury as well as value to your home.

Multi room systems

Heat or cool 2, 3 or 4 rooms from only one outdoor unit.

The Fujitsu Inverter Multi System has been designed with flexibility in mind. With the introduction of indoor units in a range of capacities and types, Fujitsu have made it easier to air condition or heat most domestic applications in New Zealand.

The Fujitsu Inverter Multi System can heat (or cool) two, three or four rooms using only one outdoor unit. You can choose a different style of indoor unit (hi-wall, floor console, ceiling or bulkhead) for each of the rooms to match each area and your own preferences. The Fujitsu Inverter Multi System also gives you individual control in each of the rooms.

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